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About me

Hello there, and welcome to my website! My name is Alina Carballo, and I am a brand designer and artist based in sunny Los Angeles, California. I was born in Moscow, Russia and have been creative since day one. Whether it's baking cakes or building a pinhole camera, I always find a way to add my creative touch to everything I do. My ultimate mission is to make this world more beautiful, one design at a time.

I studied graphic design and got my degree before leaving Russia at 20. I decided to live in Bali for two years and then went on a three-year adventure around Central and South America.

When I'm not sitting behind my computer, you can usually find me outside. I love nothing more than surfing or skateboarding in the California sunshine. Being in nature keeps me grounded and inspired, and I find that my best ideas often come to me when I'm out in the world, experiencing everything it has to offer.


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